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About Us

The statistics about women and money are staggering and unforgiving.  Women In Real EstateCorporation, Inc. was created to combat those issues by providing educational programs, business development and networking opportunities to women and others interested in building wealth.

After years in working in the real estate field, we noticed that there weren’t many options available to people interested in learning more about real estate.  In fact, we found that when people asked, others told them to “go to real estate school”.  Although real estate school does offer information about becoming a real estate agent, what about the hundreds of other careers and opportunities that are out there?  Those opportunities go unnoticed, because you don’t know what you don’t know.  In fact, there are lots of organizations for real estate agents, appraisers, loan officers, investors, etc. but none for those needing assistance in figuring out what area of real estate they should connect to.

At WIRE, we focus on 4 areas that enhance the skills and knowledge base of our members, guests and supporters. Since our membership is open to anyone with an interest in creating wealth, members do not need to have any previous background or experience in real estate so they can easily connect online or at one of our venues.  The four areas to connect to are Coffee and Conversation discussion groups, Stay Connected workshops, Training & Coaching, and Business Development Opportunities.

Each year WIRE offers a full, rich schedule of trainings, events and meetings featuring leaders of their respective industries.  This host of seminars, receptions, on-hands trainings and tours are all designed to provide our members with the most timely and up to date information.  Our goal is to further the knowledge of all those who attend and ultimately assist them in creating wealth for themselves, their family and their communities.

Our philanthropic side also hosts a variety of events to create awareness in the community, provide scholarships and supports children.